Pieter De Boer

Owner and Engineering Manager , PB Automation Pty Ltd

30 years of experience in engineering and a dedication to making the world more efficient have led to my current role heading up the evolution of Lantori, a remarkable product that automates the fault-finding process in automation systems.

My role of ‘Inventor’ encompasses a broad spectrum of responsibilities, leading our innovation and linking it to product development in order for our ideas to become reality.

My passion and tenacity in helping businesses find and understand their path to greater efficiencies within their operations is what drives our partnerships and constant innovation across industries.

My journey began in The Netherlands working for Siemens, before I migrated to Australia and built on my electronics experience before launching my own company in 2000. PB Automation became known for its quality and innovative solutions for complex problems.

The next stage in my evolution was to create Lantori where my dedication to efficiency and innovation will continue.