Michael Barttura

Positive Neuroplasticity Australia

Michael has been involved in lifestyle education, health, and wellness promotion and organisational development since the Eighties. With close to 20 years of management experience in four continents, he brings to the table a well-refined cross-cultural team/community building capacity and leadership acumen amassed in both Non-Profit and business contexts. He has extensive experience in Mindfulness practices and delivers insightful and engaging group work through nondenominational science-based methodologies.

In earlier years, Michael worked as a therapist and a workshop facilitator in clinics and centers in Australia, UK, the US, and Canada. Later, he undertook senior managerial roles in international businesses and charities. In recent roles, he was a manager for the East-West Learning Centre in Singapore in which he focused on designing platforms to deliver an integrated Mind-Body approach to leadership education, and later was the CEO of TeamUp in Thailand which delivers online group coaching for not-for-profits. Here in Melbourne, he teaches seminars and workshops for the School of Life; is responsible for strategy and business development for a startup called ODIS Technologies, and runs his own coaching practice for executives and startup teams.