Judith Rose Max

Strategist * Chartered Accountant * Behavioural Expert * Business Coach * Facilitator , Mirato Coaching

Judith-Rose Max is a Mindset Master, strategist. mentor, facilitator and coach. She works with Business Owners and Executives to maximise performance, productivity and position in their professional and personal lives.As both a Chartered Accountant and Behavioural Expert, with over 15 years of commercial experience, she understands what leading a team and working as part of a team means. She has experienced first-hand how critical it is that everything in the organisation is aligned starting at the top. Driven to assist people to excel by mastering their challenges and leveraging their strengths, she knows how to motivate people and how to have difficult conversations. Judith-Rose is equally comfortable in the boardroom or the breakout room. Judith-Rose's direct style will lead you beyond where you were heading, shining the light on how you can solve your challenges with guidance and support.She is passionate about enabling you to develop and reach your potential allowing you to impact the business and the people around you positively and effectively.

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