Craig Saphin

Managing Director , Craig Saphin Consulting Pty. Ltd.

Senior Business Advisor | Author | 30 Years Experience as CEO & Director across Asia Pacific. #futureofwork #humanisedworkforce #waysofworking
Using over 30 years’ experience across public, private and not-for-profit business operations, including as CEO of a leading Asian business, I help small and medium businesses grow, especially during periods of stagnation or goal shifts.

Over the past 10 years, I've:
✔️ Returned to Australia after working in Japan, forming a successful consulting business.
✔️ Worked with shareholders to restructure, reset the strategy and scale national businesses.
✔️ Worked with shareholders to more than double revenues for successful, stagnated mid-size businesses by applying the five pillars approach.
✔️ Joined the boards of Western Sydney MRC & Ignite Limited and taken on roles chairing board sub committees with Remuneration & Nomination and Audit and Risk remits.
✔️ Held an executive role as the head of Strategy for Liberty IT Consulting Group.
✔️ As Executive Director of en Japan Inc and CEO of en world, I drove business acquisition and post merger integration projects in Australia, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia.
✔️ Managed start-up companies in Korea, Singapore, China and India.
✔️ Chaired the non-profit board for a mental health and suicide prevention organisation in Japan.

I have a deep understanding of the challenge’s businesses face in sustaining growth, and the pressures felt by founders and entrepreneurs.

If you:
❓ are a successful, energetic entrepreneur or business owner,
❓ have built one or more businesses to turnover millions, with more than five employees,
❓ want to scale your current business to new heights, or need a forward plan for exit or sale,
❓ are working too hard and would like to redefine your role.
I'd love to partner with you.

Scaling to New Heights
At some stage in their history, most successful businesses experience stagnation.

If your business stagnates, scaling it to new heights requires a rethink. It requires the utilisation of a five pillars approach which can be used to scale a sustainable, growing business. Careful attention to the five pillars of:
⛰ Business Foundations,
⛰ Sales Strategy,
⛰ People and Culture Strategy,
⛰ Strategic Marketing and
⛰ Operational Excellence
can help to put in place a new perspective and relaunch your business so that it can scale new heights.

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