Natan Rutstein

Director , Making IT Right PTY LTD

My name is Natan Rutstein, and I run a IT Support company which deals with many of my clients day to day, weekly or monthly IT needs and concerns.Working in the computer industry requires a great deal of experience. Installing new systems, repairing/upgrading older system and servicing existing systems are a significant part of our successful business. We look forward to handling all of your computer needs. Prior to starting my company I worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers or PwC which later became PwC Consulting and then this was bought by IBM, so I eventually worked for IBM.My role was that of a Test Manager. I began my IT career over 30 years ago as a Computer Programmer and transitioned over to being a Program Tester and eventually a Test Manager. Along the way I was interested in fixing computers and eventually I started receiving so many calls asking me for help, that I left the corporate world and began my IT Support business.